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Bird Exclusion Program

Do you have a bird nuisance problem that needs to be addressed urgently? At Ann Arbor Exterminator, we offer affordable, efficient, and humane bird exclusion services.

Some of the most common birds known to be a nuisance, destructive, and health hazards in homes and workplaces include sparrows, chimney swifts, pigeons, woodpeckers, and starlings.

As a leading bird exclusion and pest control company, we are experienced in all types of bird issues including the following:

  • Pigeons on your roof
  • Birds nesting in vents
  • Birds in your attic
  • Birds in your gutters
  • Birds in your warehouse or business premises
  • Birds nesting on store signs
  • Birds taking over your window ledges
  • Any bird-related problem you could be facing

Why Get Rid of Birds from Your Property

Birds are nice to have around. They make the environment livelier with their chirping songs and beautiful colors but if left uncontrolled, they can create more damage and nuisance than any wild animal.

Bird’s nests are normally filled with harmful bacteria and fungi. There are even diseases caused by materials from bird nests, such as histoplasmosis.

Here are some of the reasons why bird control and exclusion are necessary:

  • Birds can be messy leading to high clean-up costs
  • Allowing birds to nest uncontrollably violates health codes
  • Birds and their nests pose a health risk to your family, employees, or customers
  • Some birds can damage your inventory
  • They give your business premises or institution a dirty, unprofessional image
  • Birds can cause damages to your home attic, block drainage, clog vents, and can damage the roof.

Our Effective Bird Control Solutions

We provide a wide range of effective bird control solutions depending on the type of bird that has taken refuge in your home.

As specialists in bird control and removal, our goal is to prevent nuisance birds from taking over your attic, vents, unused fireplace, and other locations.

Our bird exclusion experts can provide practical solutions such as flashing eaves, capping chimneys, screening gable vents, repairing soffits, and capping exhaust vents just to mention a few.

We can help you with any of the following bird-related issues:

  • Birds nesting in dryer vents
  • Birds nesting in rafters and loading docks of commercial buildings
  • Physical bird deterrent measures such as bird wires, slides, tracks, and spikes
  • Humane trapping of birds for relocation
  • Bird-nest cleanup

Contact Us Today for All Your Bird Exclusion Needs

Birds can be destructive or even pose a health hazard if left to nest freely on your property. If you have any type of bird problem, contact us today to find out how we can help solve the problem.

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