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Bird Nest Removal - Ann Arbor MI

Are you looking for an effective and humane way to get rid of bird nests from your home or business premises? 
Well, the happy sounds of birds bring joy to our lives and their colorful feathers add beauty to the environment. 
However, when birds decide to take residence in undesirable or unsafe places on your property, you may be required to remove their nests and relocate them to a better place. 
We provide the safest and most humane bird nest removal services in homes and workplaces.

Why Remove Bird Nests?

In some circumstances, you may need the services of a good bird's nest removal company for your safety and convenience. 
Bird species such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and woodpeckers can be quite destructive to your property, especially when they flock and nest in large colonies. They will create a huge mess when they nest in your vents and soffits. 
Some even take permanent residency in your attic creating an uncontrollable mess that may involve the following:
An unsightly accumulation of bird droppings and nesting materials
Messy droppings on walkways, cars, and buildings
Unpleasant odors
Irritating noise
Higher property maintenance costs
Keep in mind that the accumulation of birds and old nests can even spread diseases such as avian tuberculosis, Bird fancier’s lung disease, Lyme disease, avian pox, histoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, salmonella, and many more.
It is therefore important to remove bird nests after the breeding season has ended, when the nest is no longer in use and unsafe for the birds, and even when the nest is in a dangerous position for the birds themselves. 
Some dangerous nest locations include near a busy walkway, near the door, in a drainage pipe, on machinery such as grill or lawnmower, in a chimney that is still in use, and on a car bumper among others.

Your Affordable Bird Nest Removal Service in Ann Arbor, MI

When you have a bird's nest problem, contact Ann Arbor Exterminator immediately for the most effective bird nest removal services. We are experienced in removing all types of bird nests in every location including the attic and dryer vents.
We only use the most effective and proven strategies to remove unsightly or dangerously perched bird nests from every type of structure. 
Our team of birds nest removal experts uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and strategies to get rid of all types of bird nests from your property.
We also provide humane bird removal and bird proofing services in accordance with the Migratory Birds Convention Act regulations. 
Contact Ann Arbor Exterminator today to get a quick quote on the most efficient bird nest removal services!

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