Do Mosquitoes Prefer Certain Blood Types? What Attracts & Repels These Insects to You in Farmington Hills, MI?

The season is here where more and more pests are out just as much as people are. The sunny weather brings people out to swim, hike and more. That is just one of the reasons that people seem to come across more pests outside during warmer weather. One of the problems is that the most common types of pests that also are out in the spring and summer sting and bite. One of the most common pests that you will see is a mosquito. The weather is perfect for mosquitoes to hatch and start to live their lives pestering your barbecues and swimming parties. Mosquitoes are a hot topic lately because of the amount of disease they are known to carry. There are several kinds of disease but one in particular at this time is the Zika Virus. It has been thought in years past that you could only contract this disease outside the United States. That is no longer true and there are cases of people that have not left the country but have contracted the disease. It is particularly harsh on soon to be mothers effecting their unborn child. That is why it is pertinent you do what you can to stop mosquitoes from biting you since that is how the disease is contracted.

Knock Em Out Pest Control Outlines What Smells & Odors Might Be Attracting Mosquitoes To Bite You

What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Prefer?: It may seem like a crazy reason a mosquito would be attracted to you but your blood type can be the reason you are being bitten more than the people around you. Your blood is one of four main types and each of them give off an odor that can be smelled by a mosquito. Researchers have found that when placed in a confined area the mosquitoes were more attracted to a particular blood type and stayed away from another. If you are O blood type you are attracting them while your a blood type friend might be repelling them. This is why a group of friends can have differences in how many bites they have at the end of a night.
Does Perfume Attract Mosquitoes?: Although color is a way to attract mosquitoes which is why you want to stay away from dark colors; smell may be a bigger draw. Take a whiff of the shampoo, soap, lotion and cologne that you use each day and what do you notice? If you are using items that have a floral smell you could be attracting the mosquitoes to yourself. If you don’t want mosquitoes biting you, it is best to use a mild soap and lotion when outdoors.
Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Our Breath: Just the simple fact of breathing is something that could be attracting mosquitoes. When you take a breath and exhale you are releasing carbon dioxide and that is a gas that can be smelled and seen. A mosquito can actually see this in the air around you and will head towards it to look for a meal. Keep calm and stay away from extreme activities that might make you breath heavy.

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