House, Camel & Field Cricket Insect Facts in Ann Arbor, MI; Sound, Control & More

Have you ever shut your eyes for the night only to have the chirping of a cricket nearby. The moment that you move they stop which makes them near impossible to locate them. We have all seen them running and jumping about but when you need to find them it can be difficult. One thing that many people are unaware of is that there are several species of crickets. They each have their own unique look and if you happen to see them you can identify which type may be a problem. If you are able to identify what you are dealing with you can let the pest control company know so they can offer the proper treatment.

Knock Em Out Pest Control Lists the Most Common Types of Crickets Found in Your Area

House Cricket: If you are hearing and even seeing crickets in your home odds are you have a house cricket. As the name suggests these crickets are happy to find a nice warm place to hang out and your home and garage have these readily available. These types of crickets have been known to eat through fabric while they are living indoors. They can be identified by their appearance with light brown coloring and the fact that they have three distinct bands on their head. They have black legs and long antennae that they use to feel around and understand their surroundings. They are small coming in at about three quarters of an inch fully grown. They can fly and have a set of wings which do develop when they are fully mature.
Camel Crickets: There is another cricket that you might find around your home and that is the camel cricket. They have two things in common with a camel and that is they like to live in dry arid areas and also have a distinguishing hump on their back. They enjoy feeding on fruits, plants and other dead insects. They are not actually a true cricket because they don’t have a set of wings that crickets should have. They do have a large set of legs that let them jump and hop high just like a cricket does. The cricket can very in color from brown to black and can reach over an inch and a half.
Field Cricket: There are also crickets that can be found in the house and around your property. These crickets are a problem in the summer months and the males are loud and will chirp all night looking for females. They are not a danger to anyone and they will do what they can to hide from anyone that approaches. Their defense is to jump away from an approaching noise or sound to stay safe. They are known to eat plants which can be a nuisance to your gardens.

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While crickets are not typically hostile, they are scary looking seeing just one let alone in groups. They are scavengers that will feed off of just about anything; damaging the clothing, books and other personal belongings in your home. Contact Knock Em Out Pest Control to get rid of occasional invaders and other pests.

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