Moth Facts; Small & Large Moth Species, Camouflage, Pollinated Plants & Hungry Mouth Parts!

Moths are actually quite a fascinating little pest. Many know of the irritating trouble they find when moths make their way into our closets, but what you may not know might get you thinking these little guys are not as bad as you first thought.

Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control would like to enlighten you on a handful of interesting facts concerning moths.

– There are over 11,000 species of moths across the United States. They outnumber the butterfly nearly 10 to 1. Moths range in sizes and colors among other things. They can be smaller than a pencil tip, yet bigger than a songbird. The Atlas Moth, found in Southeast Asia, has a wing span just under a foot!
– Some of the different moth species have evolved to camouflage their looks. Mimicking that of other insects of spiders, wasps or praying mantis, or simply taking on the look of leaves or bird droppings to look less appealing to those that enjoy a good plump moth for their meals.
– Moths are essential for agricultural needs. Some species of moths contribute to pollination. Due to their hairy bodies, when they land on flowers, they are carrying the pollen they picked up. Flowers that have been pollinated are found to be fragrant and colors more vibrant.
Some moths do not have mouths once they reach adulthood. The Luna moth, once it enters into adulthood from its cocooned state, does not have a mouth. Living for about a week, all they are designed to do is mate and lay their eggs before their time is up.
– To find their mates, the males use smell to find his lady that are secreting pheromones. Instead of following their noses, they actually smell through their antenna via the odor molecules.
– Due to the profound population, moths are a delicacy, particularly by bats. Birds mostly feed their young on caterpillar delight. Moths are even being devoured by some human cultures. More than 90% of the African population eat most moth and butterfly caterpillar species.
– The death-head hawk moth has gotten an appearance in a few blockbuster hits due to the distinctive skull shape marking located on its thorax. First making his debut in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and then following up in Silence of the Lambs, this little guy has gotten some attention. Besides his acting career, he is also known to emit loud squeaky noises when provoked.

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There are hundreds of other interesting facts concerning moths but the species we find in our homes eat our clothes and pantry foods. Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control has many services that can ease the burden of any pest problem. Call us now for any of your pest eliminating needs.

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