Natural Pest Control; Harmful and Beneficial Nematodes in Washtenaw County, Michigan

You probably heard mentioned here and there about the nematodes moving about. Confusion might have sent in when you heard one time they were harmful and other times that they quite beneficial. Not understanding the difference, you more than likely dismissed the topic all together.

Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control would like to tell you about nematodes and specify the distinctions between the good and the bad ones.

Harmful Nematodes

Nematodes are small, microscopic parasites that puncture their way into a plant and feed off the cells. Depending on the species they will either feed on the exterior of the plant (ectoparasitic) or they will burrow into the plant and feed on it for the duration of its life (endoparasitic). Both will inject their saliva into the plant for consumption that results in damage to the plant. It will either kill the tissue or cause the cells to mutate into more giant cells that are referred to as gall. There are also a few species that attack the roots of plants for nourishments. These generally infest crops. Root distortion, stunting, and chlorosis are just some of the effects of the damage these little parasites cause.

Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes help farmers on insect control in terms of the soil dwelling insets. Most of these nematodes are naturally found in farm lands, but can be purchased and then released into the fields. They are harmless to mammals and birds.
Nematodes bear bacteria that are toxic on their bodies that infect other insects. The bacteria they carry and the nematode themselves, are always found together. They depend on each other for survival. The bacteria has never harmed animals. They have been known to delete flea larvae, flea beetles, spider mites, fungus gnat larvae, white grubs, coddling moth larvae, root maggots, corn earworm, cutworms, crane fly, iris borers and quite a few others.

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We hope this sheds a little light on the little parasites known as nematodes. However, should you find in need of a higher power to evict any pests from your property, please call us at Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control and we can get rid of any unwanted guests.

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