Southern & False Black Widow, Brown Recluse, Longlegged & Broad-Faced Sac, Eastern Parson Spider Prevention in your Ann Arbor MI Home

Believe it or not, most spiders provide many benefits for their environment such as eating pests like earwigs, flies, moths, mosquitoes and cockroaches. Some spiders can even be considered carnivores. The daddy longlegs spider has been known to kill black widow spiders so you might want to reconsider before you evict them out of your basement or garage permanently. On the down side, there are spiders that can be dangerous and unfortunately they tend to build their homes in places we definitely don’t want to find them such as closets or bedrooms. There are approximately six types of spiders in the United States that can be dangerous to people including the black or brown widows, brown recluse, hobo spider, sac spider, parson spider and other non-venomous spiders that can cause a painful bite.

The experts at Knock Em Out Pest Control recommend the following tips to help you understand spiders and how to keep them at bay and out of your living or working environment.

Keep Clutter from Building Up

If you have been looking for a reason to clear out that closet or tackle that box of stuff in the spare room, now you have one. Spiders like dark warm places and the best way to deter them from setting up a home within your home is if you declutter and get rid of piles of clothes, shoes, papers, books or other items that might accumulate within your living space. Get rid of the things that you don’t really need or use and organize the items what you want to keep within sealed storage containers.

Secure your Home’s Perimeter

Spiders like to make homes in piles of stuff stacked outside your home as well as inside. Remove the following items from outside of your home
• Piles of leaves and debris
• Stacks of firewood
• Overgrown trees and shrubs
• Compost bins
• Un mowed lawns
• Stacks of boxes

Other tips include tacking your firewood further away from your property, trimming bushes and shrubs around your home and racking up leaves. By following these tips you are essentially removing the food supply, so spiders will want to go elsewhere to build their homes.

Clear out Webs Inside and Outside your Home

By destroying spider webs you are basically telling the spider that the area is unsafe and to go somewhere else. The technicians at Knock Em Pest Control recommend removing webs from inside your home and garage, as well as any of those you find around the inside and outside of your home. Don’t remove all of the webs, especially those in your yard or garden as you want the spiders to go something.

Minimize your Outdoor Lighting

Bugs love lights at night because they are bright and provide warmth. Spiders are attracted to bugs and will go where the bugs are to snack on them. Keep your outdoor lighting to a minimum and set your outdoor lights to turn off at a certain time. The less light to draw in bugs, the less likely you will find spiders in or around your home.

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