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Flea Removal Treatment

A flea can jump 7 to 8 inches high and 14 to 16 inches across with their long and powerful legs; quite an alarming fact indeed. Fleas are tiny, frustrating pests. A skin reaction to a flea bite appears as a slightly raised and red itchy spot. Sometimes these sores bleed.Once they infest your home, they can prove to be incredibly difficult to remove. Fleas pose the largest threat to pets, but can also affect humans too when infestations are particularly bad or when other hosts are not available. Fleas feed on the blood of mammals and their bites can be irritating.

Best Flea Treatment for Home

There are many home methods for removing fleas. When you don’t understand the life cycle of fleas like the pest experts at Knock Em Out Pest Control, these methods usually fail. Having experience with possible breeding grounds allow us to remove not only adult fleas, but the eggs and larvae as well. We want to make sure that there is no trace of any fleas left in your home. Left unchecked, fleas can quickly multiply and flea infestations escalate

Signs of Fleas on Humans, Pets & in Your Home

When you have pests that are constantly scratching themselves, this is a good indication that there is a flea problem. The discomfort of the flea bite will cause pets to scratch themselves to the point of open sores if the problem isn’t dealt with. Another indication of a flea problem is the presence of “flea dirt.” This often looks like black pepper when in actuality it is flea feces. You may find this on the carpet, rugs, and where your animals sleep.

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Because it is difficult to treat a flea infestation, the experts at Knock Em Out Pest Control are here to help. Next time you find yourself battling this invasive pest, Request Our Service!

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