How Our Flea Control Service Works

Fleas gain access to home by pets such as dogs or cats. They can also be brought into your house by animals such as squirrels, mice, rats, or other animals that have invaded your home and are living in attics, crawlspaces, etc. To treat a flea problem, we use a two-part plan. This exterminates the fleas and helps prevent future infestations.


It is not enough to just treat your home for fleas. Pets are often the host for fleas, and they must also be treated for fleas. There are a variety of flea treatments and prevention options for pets. Talk to your veterinarian for more information. Flea prevention for your pets will help prevent future infestations by preventing your pets from bringing fleas into your home.

First Treatment

Our professional technician will inspect your home, paying attention to the areas where your pet sleeps and spends the most time in your home. They will look for evidence of unwanted animals nesting in areas of your home (crawlspaces, attic, etc) and discuss options for removal, if applicable.

After the inspection, a customized treatment will be applied that kills adult fleas, as well as prevents eggs and larvae already present from maturing.

Second Treatment

14 days after the first treatment our technician will visit your home to check the progress of the first treatment, and apply the second treatment. The second treatment will kill any fleas that were in the pupa stage and have matured into adults since the first treatment. Fleas that are in the pupa stage are protected against any pest control poisons and solutions.

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