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Occasional Invader Pest Control

Some occasional pest invaders can really take over your home if they choose to settle down there. Even though these pests aren’t our most common pests, during certain seasons they cause problems such as when they overwinter in our homes or sun on our siding. Knock Em Out Pest Control would like to share some of the most common occasional invaders that you can expect to find in our area.

Boxelder Bug Control

While boxelder bugs aren’t a real threat to humans, they can be a real nuisance. They are black with red and orange markings on their back. When they infest your home, they take over quickly. They don’t bite, but their strong mouth pieces can be used to suck and leave a welt on your skin. They also leave behind a reddish substance that is known to stain surfaces.

Brown Marmorated Shield Stink Bug Management

These gray/brown bugs are notorious for the smell they release when smashed. They usually stay outside during the summer where they can find enough fruit for their diet, but will occasionally move inside during the winter months. A stink bug infestation should be handled by professionals like Knock Em Out Pest Control since they can be difficult to get rid of.

Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

Similar to stink bugs, Asian lady beetles release a strong odor when they are smashed. These insects are very beneficial outside where they can feed on other insects that threaten crops. Treating your home for them in the fall will keep them outside and from seeking your home for refuge from plummeting temperatures.

Leaf Footed Bug Control

When leaf footed bugs make their way into your home, they usually are found in beds. For this reason, they are often mistaken for bed bugs. They get their name for their leaf-like back legs and normally stay outside.

Earwig Pest Management

Unlike their name suggests, these bugs don’t seek out ears to crawl into. Earwigs can seem intimidating with their long pinchers, but generally stay outside. They are attracted to light and moisture, and will usually be found around woodpiles and in mulch.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

These teardrop shaped silver insects seek out warm living conditions that come with high humidity levels. They are commonly found in basements and crawlspaces, but are also found in several places outside like in mulch and cedar shake. Although they do not bite or carry any disease organisms, silverfish are still unnerving and an annoyance.

Millipedes in House

These small, hard worm-like insects are not normally found inside, and if they are, they don’t live long. Millipedes must dwell in places with a lot of moisture to survive which is why you will find them under rocks and in mulch generally.

Occasional Invader Pest Inspections, Control & Removal in Bloomfield Hills, Canton, Farmington Hills, Milford, New Hudson, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Wixom & Greater Ann Arbor, Michigan

These are just a few occasional invaders you will find in our area. Others include clover mites, crickets, ground beetles, pillbugs, sowbugs and house centipedes. The pest control experts at Knock Em Out Pest Control have the training and experience needed to eradicate any problems you may have with these occasional invaders. It is best to have your home treated for these pests especially before winter to keep them out of your house during the coldest months of the year. Request Our Service for any of your pest control needs today!

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