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Rodent Control

Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate because they are so well adapted to life around human beings. These rodents often breed in agricultural areas where livestock is kept, but they also live in cities as well. Rats and mice are among the dirtiest of pests and can contaminate food, spread diseases and destroy property by gnawing through dry wall, wood and electrical wiring. In fact it has been estimated that rodents cause hundreds of millions of dollars in fire damage each year by chewed electrical wiring! And rats only require an opening as small as a quarter to enter inside.

Rodent Infestations

Business and home owners living in South East Michigan should learn the early signs of rodent infestations so that Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control can be contacted before rodent populations grow and they become a nuisance. Some signs of rodent infestation may include rat or mice sightings at night or they may hear scratching or chewing sounds. Some other signs of infestation are urine stains, rodent feces, visible nests and stashes of food in secluded areas of the home or business and holes that appear from gnawing. Heavy infestations of rodents also produce a foul odor.

Custom Rodent Removal and Prevention Program

Our pest specialists at Knock ‘Em Out Pest Control will customize a rodent removal and prevention program to address the problem from the exterior perimeter of entry points to interior nesting sites as well as removal of attractants.

  • Conduct a thorough inspection for rodent activity, population, entry points and nesting spots
  • Identifying potential food and water sources that can lead to infestation.
  • Using a combination of baits and traps to monitor and control rodent populations.
  • Regular inspections of your property, replacement of baits and traps, sealing cracks and blocking off existing entry points, and continuous monitoring of any new rodent activity or entry points.

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