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Even though most spiders aren’t a threat to humans, many of us fear them. The expert pest control technicians at Knock Em Out Pest Control would like to talk about some common spiders you might find in Michigan and point out the ones that you should fear if you come in contact with them.

Common House Spiders

This spider is harmless and the most commonly found in residences. Although their webs are bothersome, common house spiders are beneficial in the fact that they feed on other insects found in your home. They range in colors from brown to black and will bite if they feel threatened by you. Their bite is harmless and doesn’t put anyone in any danger.

Wolf Spiders

This spider is especially quick and larger than the common house spider. The wolf spider is usually in varying shades of brown and hunt for prey rather than catching it in a web. They are nimble and quick so even humans have a hard time killing them a lot of the time.

Jumping Spiders

These spiders are also known for pouncing on their prey rather than catching it in a web. They are usually furry and have large eyes. You will find these spiders both indoors and out. They are also usually in earth tones from brown to black.

Black Widow Spiders

Known for their black bodies and red hourglass marking on the abdomen, the black widow is a spider that should be feared. They are venomous and some people have life threatening reactions to their bite. They spin messy webs and are usually found outdoors. If bitten by a black widow seek medical attention.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Another venomous spider that you should be leery of is the brown recluse spider. They are varying shades of brown and have a distinctive violin shaped marking on their back. When bitten by a brown recluse you should seek medical attention right away since they are also venomous.

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Most spiders are harmless, but there are a couple that you should be wary of. The experts at Knock Em Out Pest Control know how to remove and eliminate any spider infestations you may have. Request Our Service today!

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